Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 Flash Gallery Tips and Tricks #9: Put Lightroom Flash Gallery UI into the hidden "Advanced Mode"

OK, tired of editing the XML files to further customize your Flash Gallery? There is an alternative - for style customizations at least. You can put the Web module of Lightroom into "advanced mode" (an "expirmental and usupported" feature - so try this at your own risk) which will expose MANY more customization options in the Lightroom panels.

To go into Advanced Mode you'll need to use a keyboard combo:

(drubmroll please)


"Control Alt Shift /" on PC
"Cmd Alt Shift /" on Mac

Note the "slash" key. Do the same thing again to get "out" of that mode. If that does not work, then switch to an HTML template, and then go back to a Flash template. It should go back to "standard" mode.

FYI, The same keyboard combo works in Lightroom HTML Galleries too.

Many of the settings that are only in the Lightroom Flash Gallery advanced mode DO NOT "Live Preview" inside Lightroom. You'll need to "preview in browser" to see the effects. I've posted a complete list of the Advanced Mode panel controls and the supported values here