Lightroom Flash Galleries that “hang” on the “loading images” message

It appears that Flash galleries generated by Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 that have images in the header (for example, an Identity Plate) sometimes have a problem loading images. It seems to occur only on galleries hosted on certain web servers, and then only on certain end-user machines.

**Update (5/24): I, um, “notice” that the recently released source code of the Flash movie (gallery.swf) that powers Lightroom Galleries appears to fix this issue. A resourceful person could download the open source code (AMG 1.0.1), grab the gallery.swf out of the sample gallery that is included (found in the "release\gallery\resources" folder within the unzipped package), and simply swap that one out with the ones exported from LR to fix the problem. Or wait and see if Adobe includes that in an upcoming LR dot release **

If you wanted an alternative method to put your logo above a gallery, you could add it to the html page itslef, and then "turn off" the header in the gallery.

Here’s how you’d do that:


If you’ve already exported your gallery and don’t want to re-export it, first you need to remove the image from the gallery header:
Open the "style.xml" file found inside a gallery folder structure inside the "resources/styles" folder in your favorite text editor. Now find the following line of text on line 58 (it will have a different file name in it):
<pageTitleImg visible="true" src="bin/filepath/mylogo.png"/>
and change it to this:
<pageTitleImg visible="false" src=""/>

Note that you don’t have to turn off the header bar, but if you don’t have anthing else up there besides your logo, you might want to:
on line 57 <headerBarEnabled enabled="true"/> change it to "false"

Now save your style.xml file to the same spot, and launch the "index.html" page to double check that you did it correctly.

Now if you want to add your logo into the html page itslef:
open "index.html" and just below the "<body>" tag place your image, there’s lots of ways to do that, but maybe something like this:
<img src="bin/images/logo/mylogo.jpg" alt="My company name" hspace="20" />

Note that I used the "hspace" tag to push it a bit to the right from the left edge of the window, you can use "vspace" as well to space it from the top of the window and top of the gallery (or <br> tags just above or below the img tag, etc ,etc)